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Why we all need regular Massage!

What are the benefits of regular massage? This is a question I am asked again and again.

Is it something that people come for just because they have lower back pain, or they have overworked at the gym? Could it be more than that...

Well at the moment between 70-90 % of all GP appointments are stress related, 5 of 6 leading causes of death are related to stress.

According to The World Health Organisation anxiety and depression are to become widespread by 2020 as we succumb to stress related disease. Quite a sobering thought!

However Holistic therapies including Massage can be an excellent way to lower your stress. So how does this work?


If your Muscle are sore What is the first thing that you automatically do... ? You rub them.

Massage Increases and improves circulation- (bringing blood flow to the area that's hurting-with oxygen, nutrients, red and white blood cells).

In fact a 2011 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found that massage therapy is as effective as other methods of treatment for chronic back pain.


Much research has been done into how massage and holistic therapy can boost your immune system. Massage especially Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage removes toxins from your body through the Lymphatic system .

In 2010 a study was done which showed that massage, whilst improving the White Blood Cell count ( which helps to fight disease) yet it also showed that we had a decrease in the stress hormone Cortisol but and increase in the positiveness Oxytocin.


Following a Gym session or physical exercise where the body creates inflamed tissue, Massage can definitely reduce the swelling. Just 10 minutes into a massage session, the tissues start to release excess fluid and drain naturally.

Also where the body has been injured or due to ill health Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy is often prescribed to aid the removal of waste fluid especially when the body is unable to perform this by itself.


The deep feeling of relaxation you should feel during a massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol. This can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression and be beneficial for people suffering from stress. Massage can also heighten the levels of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine which also can have a beneficial effect on people who suffer with stress.


Massage has great benefits for improving your sleep. Many studies have looked into why it is so beneficial for insomniacs craving sleep. Apparently it is due to the Delta Waves which are the brain waves associated with deep sleep and how they respond to massage!

For extra relaxation, book in for an Aromatherapy Massage and have your own personal essential oils blended for you.

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