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The 9 best natural medications for a sore back

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

1) If your back is sore due to sun burnt shoulders ( yes we have all been there at one point in our lives) A good natural medication is to apply a liberal amount of either Yogurt-Plain (unflavoured)! or Aloe Vera Gel which is available from most supermarkets and pharmacies. Of course the best medication is not to get sun burnt in the first place by being Sun Aware-

Always use a minimum 30 SPF try to get one that says its a 4 star minimum UV A&B rated sun screen and apply plentifully ( at least a fingers length) per part of your body) then reapply every 2 hours if you're in hot sunny weather.

Stay out of the sun between 11am-3pm

Cover up your shoulders and head if in direct sun between 11am-3pm.

2) Use heat (warmth), if you have a muscular pain or ache. Muscles can often be soothes by warmth and relax. You can try one of our Lavender Heat Bags or one of our Polar Fleece and Grape Seed Wraps.

3) Just as muscles respond well to heat, nerves respond to cold! If your suffering with Sciatica or a trapped nerve, try a packet of frozen peas or you could invest in an ice pack. You can even use our Polar Fleece and Grape Seed Wrap and put it in the freezer first!

4) For an easy and convenient gel to help relieve aching muscles, joints and tension absorbing rapidly into the skin. why not try the Natural Aromatherapy Eve Taylor Active Rub Muscle Ease.

5) Eve Taylor also do a Massage Candles which are a delightful way to use warm natural, organic plant based massage oil mixed with essential oils that you can then use from a spatula directly into your hands and onto your back.

6) Stretches-I know this isn't strictly a medication, but it really should be - along with gentle exercise, Pilates and walking.

7) Salt or Sugar mixed with some olive oil or other natural oil can be used as a scrub for any loose or itching skin. We often need to remove the dead skin ( exfoliate) on our bodies as we do on our faces but often we forget about our backs!

Just remember to apply a nice nourishing body lotion for example

Rescue and Repair by Eve Taylor

8) When people are suffering with back and shoulder Acne this can be incredibly uncomfortable and sore. Its important to make sure that the area is kept rinsed well after shampooing in the shower and to check what is used in the shampoo as this could be adding to the problem if it contains comedogenic ingredients.

Try to have a Back steam and extraction therapy ( available from our sister site( ) and then try using the Corelle Body Wash from Eve Taylor which contains Lemon Grass to help clear up the acne and is 100% soap free.


Please note. Its always important to get any serious new Aches and pains checked out with your GP .

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