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What my patients say is extremely important to my business. Without patient satisfaction, I would not have a business. That’s why Remedial Massage and Holistic Health is so invested in making sure that patients are happy with all of the health treatments and services I offer. Take a look at what my clients say about their experiences working with me and book in for your appointment today.

I've been coming to Adele for the past 7 years, and am always greeted with such a friendly and professional manner. Adele has helped me so much with my back pain management, as well as with the migraines that I suffer from.

Tina Phillips

I have been visiting Adele every month for over a year for a regular 'relax time' treatment. My one hour treatment consists of Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Reflexology. I always leave after every session feeling totally relaxed. I've had many holistic treatments over the years but I can honestly say that Adele has been the best therapist I've ever visited...she has magic hands and I highly recommend her.

Kristi Mouzouri

After my facial, I moved next door for a hot stone massage with Adele Layman. I’m not really keen on massages, I find that I can’t switch off because I’m so aware that someone is kneading my muscles. However, I fell asleep within minutes of Adele applying the hot stones.
Apparently, one massage stroke with a hot stone is the equivalent of five to ten with a therapist’s hand. This means the massage is very deep. Usually I find a massage uncomfortable, even the lightest touch makes me a little jumpy. However, this massage was bliss. The pressure was firm, but not intense, and that meant I didn’t ache afterwards as I have done before. And the heat of the stones was perfect – the feeling was one of being wrapped in a warm blanket. Adele had to rouse me when she needed me to turn over.
When it was over it took me a couple of minutes to come round. It was at this point I wished for wealth, simply so I could tumble into a chauffeur­driven car and taken straight to my bed. I had a wonderful feeling of calm, my sleep was excellent and the relaxation continued through to the next day.

I had pulled a muscle in my lower back the week previous and there was still the odd twinge of pain, but following the massage that stopped. Again, Adele proved to be an excellent therapist and worth booking an appointment with.

The Times review about Neals Yard Remedies Therapy Rooms St Johns Wood  by Sam Lyster Published on  December 17 2008

Adele! The best, most healing massage, starting to feel a bit better. Thank you!x

Karen Pollins

My wife and I started using the professional services of Adele Gurduk (nee Layman) in early 2009. We cannot speak highly enough of her professional capabilities for alternative therapies (massage & reflexology in the main) as well as her compassion and kindness towards her clients. Over the years she has become a trusted friend as well as someone we still see for our therapies and an adviser on all matters holistic.
Over the last few years we have experienced family illness, bereavements amongst other personal and professional challenges and she has been a constant for us through all these events at times of high stress. Even when we lived overseas we still made a point of visiting her for a massage or a treatment when we were visiting London. By far the most professional and caring therapist we have ever had the good fortune to be treated by.

Purav Asher

Black and White Star in Circle

I go to Adele for reiki treatments - I would also have others when and if my condition improves like massage but this is not possible yet due to my current symptoms.

My condition was Chiari Malformation which caused further complications and then was diagnosed with a life long condition called Syringomyelia.  This is a rare neurological condition. 
The symptoms are pain which can be "electric" and or dull/throbbing and or sharp/throbbing. This is in the areas of my arms, neck back and face.
Weakness in arms and legs.
Headaches and a heavy feeling in my head.
Numbness and tingling in my body and face
During the treatment I feel very relaxed and comfortable and can "feel" my symptoms lifting and I feel very looked after by Adele.
After my treatment headaches and heaviness can go and when I have more regular treatments it can alleviate my pain to more manageable levels. 

I definitely am in a better place with my pain if I attend regularly.

Danielle Grabiner

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